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THE PEACE PATRIOTS is available for watching or purchase with a screening license for different kinds of uses via our online video store, hosted by Vimeo OTT VHX.TV.



For Home Use Only, Not for Public Screenings or Classroom Use

$12 Rent (72-hour period) – HD Digital Streaming

$24 Digital Purchase – Download HD Video File and/or Unlimited Streaming

New digitally remastered 4K and HD version available in September 2023.


Colleges/Universitiescommunity organizations, K – 12 schools, public libraries and museums.
Includes public performance and educational screening license.


$500 Digital Site License Purchase – Download HD Video File and/or Unlimited Streaming

$150 1-Year Streaming License

$350 3-Year Streaming License

$60 14-Day Streaming License

New digitally remastered HD version available from New Day Films.

Free Previews for Educators and Librarians

University/college professors, K-12 teachers, school librarians, and public librarians may apply for a free preview. Please contact us.


About Our Pricing Categories

Schools and nonprofit community organizations pay a higher price for screening licenses in order to obtain public screening rights and for educational classroom use.  Turning Tide Films is committed to producing cutting-edge social issue documentaries.  Digital film sales and speaking engagements are a primary means of generating the revenue necessary to support the independent production and distribution of our documentaries.  If you believe your organization fits into one of these categories, but does not have the resources to afford that price, please contact us. 

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